Red Tiger Assassin Bug - Havinthus rufovarius

Family Reduviidae

This page contains pictures and information about Red Tiger Assassin Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Adult body length 18mm 
We took those pictures in Karawatha Forest on a gum tree trunks during early October. The Assassin Bug was wandering on the tree trunk. It did not care very much on our approaching and taking those pictures. 
wpe1.jpg (50875 bytes) wpeB.jpg (35628 bytes)
After we took pictures for a few minutes. It flied to another tree trunk a few meter away.
wpeD.jpg (29556 bytes)  wpe11.jpg (55426 bytes) wpe13.jpg (44166 bytes)
The bug can also be found in Eight Mile Plains near Bulimba Creek early spring in August. We usually found this bug on large gum tree trunks.
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Nymph, body length 15mm 
wpe2.jpg (72673 bytes) wpe4.jpg (69639 bytes) wpe15.jpg (56346 bytes)
This Assassin Bug is common in Brisbane's bushland. The is bright orange red in colour with black pattern. The nymph has the same colour scheme, look the same except wingless.  
DSC_4943.jpg (226912 bytes) DSC_4948.jpg (196606 bytes) DSC_4954.jpg (202947 bytes)
The bugs have the relatively long head.  
DSC_9003.jpg (269501 bytes) DSC_9007.jpg (203980 bytes) DSC_9891.jpg (206721 bytes)
PC9_1726.jpg (189951 bytes) PWC_6848.jpg (218370 bytes) PWC_6005.jpg (205648 bytes)
The black patterns on body are vary between individuals.  
PWC_3762.jpg (203543 bytes) PWC_3756.jpg (242525 bytes) PWC_3754.jpg (195308 bytes)
The assassin bug can be found hiding under loose barks on gum tree trunks. They have the flattened body which specially adapted for this purpose. 

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