Ground Assassin Bug - Ectomocoris patricius

Family Reduviidae

This page contains pictures and information about Ground Assassin Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm 
We found those orange and black assassin bugs running very fast on forest floor. This bug will bite if handle by bare hand. The insect has very strong front pair legs. All its legs are orange in colour. Its orange colour body and black pattern are the standard assassin bug warning colours.  
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Those pictures show the wingless female. Their males are winged. This bug was sometimes found under loose bark or on ground among plants materials. 
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Photos above were taken in Karawatha Forest, Alexandra Hill and Mt Coot-tha.
DSC_3419.jpg (177454 bytes) DSC_3420.jpg (200674 bytes) DSC_3417.jpg (214724 bytes)
This Ground Assassin Bug was wandering, could be hunting, on footpath in Mt Coot-tha Feb 2008. When it noticed us approaching, it quickly ran into plant materials on ground for hiding. 
DSC_3416.jpg (100569 bytes) 

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