Small Red Assassin Bug - Trachylestes aspericollis

Family Reduviidae

This page contains pictures and information about Small Red Assassin Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm
This is a small size assassin bug. Its body is bright orange-red in colour with black head, antennae and wings. There are the minute tubercles on pronotum, each tubercle with a bristle. Legs are black in colour with narrow white bands. 
PC9_0291.jpg (115107 bytes) PC9_0288.jpg (99123 bytes) PC9_0290.jpg (94330 bytes)
Pictures taken in Anstead Forest Reserve on Feb 2009. The bug was flying and landed on leaf in front of us. It flied away after we took a few photos. We found the bugs there quite a few times.
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This assassin bug is a active flier it flies between plants and hunts during the day.
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This genus Trachylestes is closely related to the genus Catasphactes

PWC_6941.jpg (174422 bytes) PWC_6940.jpg (131100 bytes)
Small Red Assassin Bug nymph ?

DSC_0845.jpg (295121 bytes) DSC_0846.jpg (248941 bytes) DSC_0850.jpg (271908 bytes)
We found this last instars in Karawatha Forest on Feb 2011. 

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2. The generic classification of the Australian Harpactorinae (Hemiptera: Reduviidae) - Malipatil, M.B. 1991. Invertebrate Taxonomy 4: 935-971. 

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