Ground Assassin Bugs - Subfamily Peiratinae

Family Reduviidae

This page contains pictures and information about Ground Assassin Bugs in Subfamily Peiratinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Bugs in this subfamily are usually robust, ground-living and active during the night. Most are brown or black in colours.

Orange Ground Assassin Bug
wpe8.jpg (36600 bytes) wpe1.jpg (46844 bytes) 
Ectomocoris patricius, female body length 20mm, 
We found this orange and black Assassin Bug running very fast on forest floor. This bug will bite if handle by bare hand. The insect has very strong front pair legs. All its legs are orange in colour. Its orange colour body with black pattern is the standard assassin bug warning colour. This bug can sometimes be found under loose bark or on ground among plants materials. More pictures and information please visit this page.
Brown Ground Assassin Bug 
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Ectomocoris sp., nymph, body length 16mm
This bug was found under the fallen bark of a large gum tree during late summer in Alexandra Hill. Notice its wing-buds, this is the last instars of winged male adult. Also notice its mouth-parts and strong front legs. This could be the male nymph of the above species. Please also check this page
Red Ground Assassin Bug
DSC_0155.jpg (134384 bytes) DSC_0175.jpg (98796 bytes) DSC_1356.jpg (176854 bytes)
Ectomocoris decoratus, body length 20mm, female, male
This Red Ground Assassin Bug was found on Nov 2007 in Karawatha Forest. It was hiding under the bark of a burnt Paper Bark Tree trunk. The bug is wingless, dark red in colour, with two dull white spots on dark blue abdomen. The bug was slow moving. Not running fast as other Ground Assassin Bug. Please check this page for more information.
Black Ground Assassin Bug
DSC_7254.jpg (110221 bytes) DSC_7256.jpg (122231 bytes) DSC_1203.jpg (208336 bytes)
Peirates punctorius or P. flavopictus, body length 15mm, female, male
This ground assassin bug has strong pair of front legs. It is shiny black in colour. There is the creamy white mark between its thorax and abdomen. All its legs are black in colour. Please visit this page for more pictures and information.

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