Red Ground Assassin Bug - Ectomocoris decoratus

Family Reduviidae

This page contains pictures and information about Red Ground Assassin Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
This ground assassin bug has the red head and thorax. All its legs are red, antenna are orange in colour. 

Wingless female 

DSC_0155.jpg (134384 bytes) DSC_0153.jpg (158194 bytes) DSC_0170.jpg (105105 bytes)
This Red Ground Assassin Bug was found on Nov 2007 in Karawatha Forest. It was hiding under the bark of a burnt Paper Bark Tree trunk. It is wingless and abdomen is steel-blue in colours with two cream white spots on top. 
DSC_0162.jpg (108810 bytes) DSC_0175.jpg (98796 bytes) DSC_0164.jpg (92303 bytes)
The bug was slow moving. Not running fast as other Ground Assassin Bug. Unlike the other Ground Assassin Bug, it was found on tree trunk and not on ground.

Winged-male Red Ground Assassin Bug

DSC_1356.jpg (176854 bytes) DSC_1354.jpg (172774 bytes) DSC_1361.jpg (217006 bytes)
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest on Nov 2009. The bug was walking up on a large stingy-bark gum tree trunk. It hided under the bark when we came too closely. It looked very similar to the above species expect winged. 
DSC_1351.jpg (239724 bytes) 
We found this bug twice in Karawatha Forest, all were on Stringy Bark Gum Trees.  

1. Reduviidae: Ectomocoris decoratus (Stal) - assassin bug - ICDB, AGRICULTURE WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

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