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Lichen Moths - Subfamily Lithosiinae

This page contains pictures and information about Lichen Moths of subfamily Lithosiinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Typical Lichen Moth caterpillar 
Lichen Moth caterpillars usually have less dense hair than the caterpillars in Arctiinae. They feed on lichens, algae or moss. 
Lichen Moth adults are small to medium size, usually with slender body and narrow wings. They do not have the segmental pattern on abdomen. When rest, some of those moths wrap its forewings around its abdomen.

Bird-dropping Lichen Moth I, Little Mask Philenora
Philenora aspectalella, body length 15mm
This moth mimics bird-dropping in dirty black and white colours. There are black bars across wings connected with zigzag line. During the day it was usually found resting on leaf. We have more information and pictures in this page.

Lydia Lichen Moth
wpe17.jpg (34059 bytes) DSC_2574.jpg (103613 bytes)
Asura lydia, body length 20mm
Species in this subfamily LITHOSIINAE are commonly called Lichen Moth. The caterpillars have dense hair, may be found under log or on ground. They feed on litter or lichens. More pictures and information please visit this page.
Unknown Lichen Moth
DSC_2473.jpg (106528 bytes) DSC_2475.jpg (89971 bytes) 
? Asura sp., body length 20mm
Feb 2008, Karawatha Forest
Lichen Moth Caterpillar
DSCN1285.jpg (96176 bytes) DSCN1286.jpg (96504 bytes) DSC_0940.jpg (380407 bytes)
Asura sp, body length 30mm
The caterpillar has four tufts of long dense black hair on the thorax. Last picture above shows a caterpillar we found on Dec 2007 in Karawatha Forest, She-oak Area. We took it home and try to rear it but did not success. The caterpillar looked similar to the caterpillar about but only has two tufts of long dense black hair instead of four. 
1. Asura cervicalis Walker, 1854 - Australian Caterpillars by Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2008.

Marbled Halone
Halone consolatrix, body length 20mm
Pictures were taken on Feb 2010 on the wall outside my office. There was a strong florescent lamp there which attract many moths resting there during summer season. Please check this page for more information.
Unknown Marbled Halone Moth
DSC_9866.jpg (339508 bytes) DSC_9864.jpg (352121 bytes)
? Halone sp., body length 20mm
Dec 2010, Karawatha Forest.
Bird-dropping Lichen Moth II
DSCN1631.jpg (307963 bytes) DSCN1628.jpg (233540 bytes)
Halone sejuncta, body length 15mm
Pictures were taken on Oct 2006 in Karawatha Forest.  The moth is black and white bird-dropping mimic colours. There are black bars across wings. Please check this page for more information.

Lichen-eating Caterpillar
P1020761.jpg (315726 bytes) P1020760.jpg (318540 bytes) DSC_2410.jpg (170893 bytes)
Manulea replana, body length 20mm
The moth is brown in colour with a yellow spot on thorax. There are a yellow line on the lead edge of each fore-wing. The caterpillar feeds on lichen at night. Please check this page for more information.
Little White Lichen Moth
DSCN9091.JPG (65317 bytes) DSCN9092.JPG (53319 bytes)
Eilema plana, body length 15mm
This small white moth is common in Toohey Forest during early winter. They rested on grass or stem near the ground. When disturbed they flied and rested on another spot a few meter away.
Unknown Lichen Moth Caterpillar
DSCN2010.JPG (138990 bytes) DSCN2011.JPG (138258 bytes) DSCN1001.jpg (431224 bytes)
? sp., length 30mm  
Found on a decaying Gum tree trunk during the day. It active at night and feed on Lichens. The caterpillar is brown in colour with dense hairs. It pupates in a cocoon under sheltered crevice. The moth has wingspan 30mm, brown in colour with a yellow strip along forewings margin.

1. Lichen Moths - Australian Museum online, 2003.
2. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, p910.
3. ARCTIIDAE subfamily LITHOSIINAE - Some Australian Moths from South-East Queensland, Ian McMillan, 2006  

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