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Tiger Moths - Subfamily Arctiinae

This page contains pictures and information about Tiger Moths in sub-family Arctiinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Typical Arctiinae Caterpillar
Arctiinae Caterpillars are medium to large size, with dense hairs. They usually feed on low-growing herbaceous plants. 
Arctiinae Moths are medium in size with fairly broad wings. They are active during the day. They often have variable colour and pattern on wings. Most are coloured in white or orange. Most of them have colour bands on abdomen. 

Magpie Moth
wpe6.jpg (28495 bytes) DSC_2482.jpg (345780 bytes)
Nyctemera secundiana, body length 25mm                                                                                     Caterpillar fully grown 30mm 
This moths are sometimes seen in garden and roadside during daytime and also at night. Their forewings are dark brown with white patterned band across. Their abdomens have black and yellow rings. Their caterpillars are hairy with orange bands. More information please click here
Tiger Moth Caterpillar
wpe6.jpg (27418 bytes) PWC_7203.jpg (159633 bytes)
? Nyctemera sp.,  length 30mm
This looks like a Senecio Moth caterpillar. Pictures taken in Yugarapul Park during early summer. There were many caterpillars on a small plant. Please check this page for more information.
Heliotrope Moth
wpeF.jpg (24698 bytes) PC9_0865.jpg (152279 bytes)
Utetheisa pulchelloides, body length 20mm
This moth also known as Salt and Pepper Moth. We found this moth actively feeding on flowers during the day time on grass land. The moth was flying slowing among flowers. The moth is colourful, on its front wings there are red, brown and black dots on white background. We found this moth in late summer. More pictures and information can be found on this page.
Crotalaria Moth
wpeE.jpg (37105 bytes) PC9_1866.jpg (298939 bytes)
Utetheisa lotrix, body length 20mm
Please check this page for more infromation on this moth. 
Donovan's Amsacta
DSCN7373.JPG (100364 bytes) DSCN7372a.jpg (335496 bytes)
Aloa marginata, body length 30mm 
The moth is white in colour, with two black lines on each forewing. There is the black and orange line along the edge of each forewing as well. Its abdomen is orange-red in colour with black spots on each segment. More pictures and information can be found in this page.
Crimson Tiger Moth
wpe4.jpg (13149 bytes)
Spilosoma curvata, body length 25mm
This moth has a hairy body. The abdomen is red in colour with black marking. The thorax is pale brown in colour with a dark brown spot. The wing patterns are vary between individual. The caterpillar feed on young leaves of gum tree.
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