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Yellow Tiger Moth - Agape chloropyga

Family Aganaidae

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Tiger Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 40mm
The moth is yellow in colour with five orange spots on each forewing and some small black dots on thorax. It abdomen is yellow with black bands and a dark blue end. 
wpe6.jpg (23103 bytes) wpeE.jpg (25460 bytes) PC9_1430.jpg (83171 bytes) 
We found this moth flying in the open car park outside Brisbane Botanic Garden during the day in early winter 2003. It always landed on cars. The above pictures were taken when the moth rested on a blue car and then a red car. 
wpe17.jpg (23197 bytes) wpe1C.jpg (28703 bytes)
Next year late summer, we found another Yellow Tiger Moth rest on fig tree in late afternoon. Notice its strong proboscis (mouth parts).
PC9_1432.jpg (146225 bytes) PC9_1436.jpg (132080 bytes) PC9_1438.jpg (132106 bytes)
wpe1B.jpg (36172 bytes) 
Length 30mm
Their caterpillars are brown in colour with sparse hairs. They usually rest with last two segments raised in air.  
wpe1E.jpg (34771 bytes) DSC_9751.jpg (150239 bytes) wpe17.jpg (34285 bytes)
The caterpillar feeds on Fig tree Ficus sp. leaves. We raised this caterpillar once without success.
DSC_0404.jpg (115785 bytes) DSC_0406.jpg (122162 bytes) DSC_0408.jpg (204986 bytes)
Body length 40mm, Nov 2007, Bulimba Creek near Sunnybank
Body length 40mm, Mar 2008, Bulimba Creek near Wishart 

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