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Two-spots Tiger Moths - Asota plagiata

Family Aganaidae

This page contains pictures and information about Two-spots Tiger Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm 
The moth has brown forewings with veins visible in white colour, and a white spot in the middle. 
wpe4.jpg (21508 bytes) wpe4.jpg (25533 bytes)
We took the first picture on the wall outside our house in a summer night 2002. The above second picture taken in our front yard on Jan 2005.
Their caterpillars are dark brown with white markings, feed on Ficus macrophylla
DSC_0044.jpg (269940 bytes) DSC_0043.jpg (268960 bytes) DSC_0802.jpg (347126 bytes)
DSC_0800.jpg (346116 bytes) 

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