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Hourglass Wasp Moth - Eressa geographica 

Family Arctiidae

This page contains pictures and information about Hourglass Wasp Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm, male and female
In Brisbane we found a number of species in subfamily Ctenuchinae. All of them have the very similar wing patterns. We distinguished this Orange Back Wasp Moth by the orange-yellow hourglass patterns on thorax. This moth is quite common in Brisbane bushes. 
DSC_1736.jpg (113228 bytes) DSC_1746.jpg (133610 bytes) DSC_1890.jpg (112505 bytes)
We find this mating couple in Karawatha Forest in late summer. We can also find them near Stockyard Creek. This moth look similar to the Common Wasp Moth except the yellow hourglass pattern.
DSC_3513.jpg (126633 bytes) DSC_8794.jpg (119289 bytes)
Mar 2008,  Mt Coot-tha                                      Oct 2007, Karawatha Forest
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Then we found this moth is quite common in Brisbane bushes. It can be seen from early summer to early winter. 
wpe17.jpg (23892 bytes) DSC_2524.jpg (83836 bytes) PWC_9004.jpg (109400 bytes)
The moths have narrow fore wings, small hind wings and ringed abdomen. 
DSC_2944.jpg (81140 bytes)  DSCN2004.jpg (336916 bytes)
DSCN9864.jpg (293169 bytes) DSCN9866.jpg (329260 bytes) DSCN9869.jpg (333815 bytes)
DSC_4257.jpg (380291 bytes) DSC_4284.jpg (298245 bytes) DSC_4285.jpg (292982 bytes)
DSC_4610.jpg (342430 bytes) DSC_4611.jpg (302354 bytes) DSC_5250.jpg (295538 bytes)
DSC_6857.jpg (350621 bytes) DSC_0316.jpg (311431 bytes) DSC_2121.jpg (305808 bytes)

Found on ground

wpe1.jpg (67612 bytes)
The above picture shows the Tiger Moth hiding under a small rock on ground. We did not expect to found the moth when we turned over the rock to check an ants nest. The moth was still pale in colour, it could be just came out from a pupa. It was on Apr 2005.

Found on tree hole

On September 2006 in Whitehills during late afternoon. We saw some of this moths flying around a large gum tree. Then we saw some moths flied into a tree hole near ground and seem lay eggs inside, as shown in the above pictures. There were more than ten of them.
wpe1.jpg (54009 bytes) wpe5.jpg (61804 bytes) wpe14.jpg (44319 bytes)
We watched for half an hour but could not figure out what were they doing there. 

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