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Bird-dropping Mimicking

Bird-dropping - one of the most popular mimicry model 

Guess what is the birds' most unwanted food? Hmmmm..............yes, bird-dropping must be on the top of the list. As an insect or spider, looks like a bird-dropping does not sound too bad.

Bird-dropping Spider
You may think this is a bird-dropping, actually it is a spider. It sits motionlessly on the leaf on day time and active at night. The spider has evolved an effective strategy against being eaten by day-active predators such as birds and wasps. Its body looks like unappetising bird droppings. They are dirty white, grey and black in colour, with very large abdomen. Bird-dropping Spiders are sometimes called Bird Dung Spiders. More information and pictures can be found in this page.

Moth, butterfly adults and Caterpillars
Different species of moths adults and caterpillars mimic bird-dropping. They are usually rest on leave during the day and active at night. 

Lantana Leafminer Beetle
At first we saw there are some dirt on the leaf. Then we started to wonder why there were so many dirt with the same shape on different leaves. When we came closer, we noticed they were insects. Since they have hard wings cover with two wings meet at middle, we then know they are beetles. More information and pictures can be found here
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Last updated: October 12, 2007.