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Insects Behavior

A predatory stink bug feeding a butterfly caterpillar 

Their dilemmas

As all living-things, insects' behaviors are governed by the following dilemmas;
1. to be found by mates, not by predators,
2. to eat and avoid being eaten, to minimize the risk of being preyed upon.
The daily life of an insect can be summarized as follows;
1. All insects are doing their best to escape from their predators,
2. Looking for food, as a larva to collect protein to grow, as an adult to collect hydrocarbon for energy and protein to lay eggs.
3. As an adult, reproduction is their major concern. Besides looking for food, they look for mate, look for suitable places to lay eggs.
The following pages are the discussions on those dilemmas;
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Last updated: November 04, 2006.