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Blue Triangle butterflies

Blue Triangle butterflies fly very fast and are seldom at rest. When they are feeding on flowers, their wings are held vertically and constantly vibrate.  
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The above pictures shows a pair of Blue Triangle Butterflies courtshipping. The female and male butterflies are looked almost the same. When look carefully, we can see the male bear a fringe of scent-bearing hairs along the inner edges of his hindwings which he uses it to disperse scent to the female. 

Butterfly to find a Mate

Male butterflies are believed to look for their mate by eye-sight. Some species, such as the Australian Crow and Orchard Swallowtail, patrol the field in search of females. Some species, like the Common Eggfly, take up and wait in some good positions, such as the opening and clearings where the females will pass by. Some other species, e.g. the Glasswing Butterfly, found gathering around hill tops.  
However, the butterflies vision may not be very acute as sometimes they may made mistakes. They may approach same sex or even other species butterflies. So the male will also recognize the sexual behaviour patterns of the female.
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The male Australian Crow fluttering above the female.
Once the male recognizes a female, he will stimulate her sexually so that mating can take place. In Australian Crow the male has the scent-glands on the front wings. He will flutter above the female to diffuse his perfume around the female. If he successful, she will settle and mating can take place.
After mating, female butterfly will look for their caterpillars' host plants, lay eggs and start the new life cycle

Bee Flies' Courtship

We sometimes see two Bee Flies flying together, one larger and one smaller. The larger Bee fly chases the smaller one. When the smaller Bee Fly rests, the larger rests a few cm away. When the smaller Bee Fly flies, the larger follows closely.
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In the insects world, usually the females are larger in size. When courtship, usually the males chases the females. In this case, since the larger follows the smaller, we cannot tell which is the male and which is the female.

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