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Black Wasps Mimicry

Black Wasp - another wasps mimicry model
The female wasps have strings to inject venom to their enemy where the string is their modified ovipositor. 
Wasps have a waist that separates the thorax and abdomen. This is one of the visual character that we use it to tell if it is a wasp. From the mimicry examples, we can tell that the insect predators base on this character as well. To mimic the waist, the mimics either have a deformed body, colour deception or hide it under wings.

Black Wasps-mimicking Soldier Fly - Family Stratiomyidae 
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We had miss-identified them as Black Digger Wasp. Visitor Frank leave a message on our guest book suggesting they could be flies that might mimic a wasps. Later we received another email from Martyn Robinson of Australian Museum advised us that " this fly was soldier fly. These flies are often found around compost heaps and produce the large grey maggots you can find in worm farms. They are harmless and you can catch them by hand if you want." (Of course, make sure it is not a Black Wasp first - Peter Chew added).
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