Subfamily PIERINAE - Whites and Jezabels


This page contains information and pictures about Whites and Jezabels in Subfamily PIERINAE in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Butterflies in this subfamily PIERINAE are usually white in colour, with black patterns on wings. In some species there are yellow and/or red patterns on the hind-wings bottom sides. 

Australian Gull, Caper Gull
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Cepora perimale scyllara, male, wingspan 60mm
Pictures were taken on White Hill top on late summer. At first we thought this butterfly was the Yellow Albatross. Both butterflies were yellow and white and colour with black wing margins. However, their wing margin patterns are quite different. The Caterpillar of Australian Gull is green with yellow dots and white hairs. They feed on wild Caper. Check this page for more information.
Common Jezabel, Black Jezabel
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Delias nigrina, pupa length 20mm, male wingspan 65mm
The female and male Common Jezabel look a little bit different. The upper side of the males are white with black wingtips pattern while the female with larger area of black.  On the underneath male and female look similar, there are yellow and red strips on black background. Common Jezabel is usually seen flying high around top of the trees. The caterpillar feeds on Mistletoes, a kind of semi-parasitic plants. Please check this page for more information.
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Delias argenthona, male wingspan 65mm
We found this Scarlet Jezebel hiding in shade during a hot mid summer afternoon in Karawatha Forest, otherwise they usually fly high near the tree top. The caterpillar feeds on Mistletoes. Please also check this page for more information.
Yellow Albatross, Common Albatross
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Appias paulina, female, wingspan 60mm
The male and female look quite different, with the male being mostly white but with yellow hindwings on the underside, while the female has broad dark black margins to the wings. Their flight is rapid and usually high off the ground. They are a well known migrant butterfly. During mid summer season, they can be seen flying across Brisbane, moving toward the south. More information and pictures please visit this page.
Caper White
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Belenois java (Belenois java Anaphaeis java), male, wingspan 60mm
Caper White is known one of the migratory species. Females are a bit larger than the male and have wider black borders on wings. Caterpillars feed exclusively on species of caper bushes Capparis. More information and pictures please click on here.
wpe7.jpg (23750 bytes)
Pieris rapae, male wingspan 50mm 
This is a introduced species, sometimes confused with other white butterflies in the family Pieridae. The Cabbage White can be distinguished by the black dots on forewings. Click on here for more information.

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