Lemon Migrant - Catopsilia pomona


This page contains information and pictures about Lemon Migrant Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 70mm
This is a common butterfly in Brisbane. In a sunny summer day, if you see a medium size lemon colour butterfly that fly pass by, it is most likely a Lemon Migrant. If you wait for a few seconds, there usually will be another Lemon Migrant fly pass, on the same path and heading to the south. They usually flies two to three meters above the ground.
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Their wings colour are vary from yellow to creamy white, with dark margins. Their caterpillars are well camouflaged green colour with creamy white lines alone each side. Caterpillars feed on Golden Rain Cassia fistula and other native Cassia.
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After evening, the butterfly usually hides under the board leaf near the tree top, and hardly noticed.
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