Subfamily COLIADINAE - Migrants and Grass-yellows


This page contains information and pictures about Migrants and Grass-yellows in subfamily COLIADINAE in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Butterflies in this subfamily COLIADINAE are usually yellow in colour, with black patterns on wings.  

White Migrant, Common Migrant
DSC_4362.jpg (109549 bytes) DSC_3755.jpg (146980 bytes) DSC_6979.jpg (280554 bytes)
Catopsilia pyranthe, wingspan  70mm
The White Migrant butterflies are either pale yellow or white in colours. Please check this page for more infromation. 
Lemon Migrant
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Catopsilia pomona, wingspan  70mm
This is a common butterfly in Brisbane. In a sunny summer day, if you see a medium size lemon colour butterfly that flies pass by, it is most likely a Lemon Migrant. If you wait for a few seconds, there will be another Lemon Migrant flies pass, on the same path and heading to the same direction, south. They usually flies two to three meters above the ground. More information and pictures can be found in here.
PIERID18.jpg (27518 bytes) DSCN3634.jpg (159609 bytes)
Eurema brigitta, wingspan 40mm
This No-brand Grass-yellow Butterfly is less common than the above species. Please check this page for more information.  
Small Grass-yellow
DSC_3510.jpg (193870 bytes) DSC_3515.jpg (177928 bytes)
Eurema smilax, wingspan 35mm
This is a small yellow butterfly commonly found flying near the ground. Please check this page for more information. 
Common Grass Yellow, Large Grass-yellow
PC9_0052.jpg (150298 bytes) PIERID17.jpg (29067 bytes) 
Eurema hecabe, wingspan 40mm
Common Grass Yellow butterflies are medium in size, have yellow wings with black edge. They are easily found fluttering close to ground. They fly very quickly. We can see them in Brisbane in all seasons. The caterpillar is green in colour with yellow lines each side of body.  Check this page for more information.

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