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Twig Caterpillars in Subfamily Ennominae

Family Geometridae 

This page contains pictures and information about Twig Caterpillars in subfamily Ennominae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Most Caterpillars in this subfamily are resemblance to dead twigs or other parts of their food plants. Although most caterpillars in family Geometridae have only two pairs of prolegs, caterpillars in this subfamily may have up to four pair of prolegs.
We believe all the caterpillars we put in this page are in subfamily Ennominae, although we did not find out their ID yet.

Unknown Twig Caterpillar 1
wpe13.jpg (27665 bytes) wpeE.jpg (24255 bytes)
? Ectropis sp., 40mm feeding on gum tree leaf.
The caterpillar resting posture looks like a twig. It is pale brown in colour with black and white mark about halfway along each side.
Unknown Twig Caterpillar 2
SCN_0016a.jpg (271762 bytes) wpe8.jpg (46236 bytes)
? Ectropis sp., 40mm 
Unknown Twig Caterpillar 3
DSC_8504.jpg (82569 bytes) DSC_8506.jpg (68479 bytes) DSC_8510.jpg (69134 bytes)
? Ectropis sp., length 40mm  
Pictures taken on Oct 2007 in Yimbun Park.
DSC_5020.jpg (145955 bytes)
May 2008, Buhot Creek Stringy Bark Track 
Unknown Twig Caterpillar 4
PWC_8690.jpg (61922 bytes) PWC_8691.jpg (73596 bytes)
? sp., length 40mm  
Unknown Twig Caterpillar 5
wpeA.jpg (18502 bytes) wpeC.jpg (20577 bytes)
? sp., length 20mm  
Unknown Twig Caterpillar 6
DSC_3148.jpg (197805 bytes) DSC_3221.jpg (171267 bytes)
? Casbia sp., length 20mm  

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