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Waves - Subfamily STERRHINAE

Family Geometridae

This page contains pictures and information about Wave Moths and Caterpillars in subfamily Sterrhinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Moths in this subfamily are small in size with wingspan of less tha 20mm. They are usually pale brown or yellow in colour. They usually have transverse lines on both wings.

Cross-line Wave Moth
DSC_3584.jpg (168378 bytes) P1020834.jpg (217478 bytes)
Gnamptoloma aventiaria, wing span 20mm.
The moth is reddish in colour with a "burn mark" on forewings. There is a yellow line across wings. Each forewing has a dark spot. The wings base colours vary from pale brown to pale green. Please check this page for more information.
Cream Wave Moth
P1020765.jpg (270037 bytes) DSC_7242.jpg (334983 bytes) DSC_4302.jpg (257896 bytes)
Scopula perlata or S. optivata, wingspan 20mm 
Species Scopula are very similar to one another. The moths within the same species are also with vary colours. The moths in genus Scopula are pale brown to pale green  in colours with slightly darker wavy markings. Please check this page for more information.
Orange-brown Wave Moth
wpe3.jpg (66257 bytes) DSCN8586.jpg (395562 bytes)
? Idaea sp., wingspan 20mm 
We found this moth outside our house. This moth came to our house attracted by the window lights. Please visit this page for more infromation.
Wave Moth Loopers
DSC_5027.jpg (107273 bytes) DSC_0533.jpg (254838 bytes) DSC_1010.jpg (265650 bytes)
? sp., length 20mm to 40mm
We believe all the caterpillars we put in this page are in subfamily Sterrhinae, although we did not find out their ID yet.

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