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White-tailed Woodland Cockroach - Polyzosteria (Platyzosteria) incurva

Family Blattidae

This page contains pictures and information about the White-tailed Woodland Cockroaches that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 15
This is a small cockroach with oval and slight convex body shape. It is shiny dark reddish-brown in colour with conspicuous creamy-yellow band on apex of abdomen. The body surface texture is minutely rugose instead of smooth. 
wpe1.jpg (23665 bytes) wpeB.jpg (17769 bytes) DSC_2376.jpg (262659 bytes)
We saw this cockroach a few times in different Eucalypt forests in Brisbane. The cockroach was found on different plants during the day. It was mid summer in Karawatha forest. 
wpe1.jpg (25781 bytes) wpe11.jpg (28715 bytes) wpe13.jpg (43376 bytes)
This cockroach run in a medium speed. 
DSCN0214.jpg (302030 bytes) DSCN0217.jpg (206683 bytes) DSCN0218.jpg (193119 bytes)
The cockroach was dark brown in colour, with one abdomen segment near the end white-yellow in colour. It had the relatively thick body compared with other cockroaches.
DSCN2694.jpg (292970 bytes) DSCN2692.jpg (298046 bytes) DSC_2373.jpg (276529 bytes)
We found it on the ground once.

1. Australian Blattidae (Blattodea). VII. The Platyzosteria group: general remarks and revision of the subgenera Platyzosteria Brunner and Leptozosteria Tepper - Mackerras, M.J. 1967, Australian Journal of Zoology 15: 1207-1298 [1243].


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