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Small Ellipsidion - Ellipsidion humerale

Family Blattellidae

This page contains pictures and  information about the Small Ellipsidion Bush Cockroaches that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 12mm
This is a small size cockroach. Body is orange-brown in colours with white patterns. The bottom of its abdomen is black with white strips. There is also a white line between its thorax and its wings.
We found them in our backyard as well as in the bushes during day time in mid-summer. We believed they feed on pollen, honeydew and mould fungus. 
wpe17.jpg (40914 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (28656 bytes) DSC_3780.jpg (246759 bytes)
They wander on leaves between plants. As most other cockroaches, they are very good runner. 

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