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Family Blattellidae - Blattellid Cockroaches

This page contains pictures and information about Cockroaches in family Blattellidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Nymph body length 10mm 
Comparing with other cockroach families, species in this family are relatively smaller in size. In some species, the females are wingless. Some are active during the day although most of them are nocturnal. They are usually found on trees and shrubs. They may be hiding in the used retreats built by caterpillars or spiders. They have long legs and run fast. 
There are many beautiful cockroaches in the family, however, the well known pest - the German Cockroaches (Blattella germanica) are also in this family.

Subfamily Pseudophyllodrominae - Beautiful Cockroaches

Blattellid Cockroaches of the genera Ellipsidon and Balta are some of the most colourful of Australian cockroaches and can be found on flowers or resting under the sun on leaves during the day. Their bright orange colours suggest membership in Muellerian mimicry complexes. 
Austral Ellipsidion Cockroach
DSC_8134.jpg (306978 bytes)  wpe2D.jpg (31235 bytes)
Ellipsidion australe, adult body length 18mm, nymph body length 16mm 
Not all cockroaches are ugly. Those Austral Ellipsidion Cockroaches look beautiful. Their body is brown to dark brown with a white pattern. Although most other cockroaches are active at night, this cockroach forages on foliage of shrubs during the daytime. They are believed feed on pollen, honeydew and mould fungus. They run away very fast when disturbed. They can be found in our backyards and bushlands in Brisbane. We have more information about this cockroach in the Austral Ellipsidion page.
Small Ellipsidion
wpe17.jpg (40914 bytes)  
Ellipsidion humerale, adult body length 12mm, nymph body length 10mm
This is a small size cockroach. Body is orange-brown in colours with white patterns. The bottom of its abdomen is black with white strips. There is also a white line between its thorax and its wings. More information and pictures please click on here
See-through Ellipsidion
DSC_1862.jpg (291838 bytes)  DSC_9882.jpg (330489 bytes)
Ellipsidion sp., adult body length 12mm, nymph body length 10mm
This Ellipsidion Cockroach looks very similar to the above species except the edges of thorax and wings are clean see-though. This cockroach is also common in Brisbane. More pictures and infromation can be found in this page
Beautiful Ellipsidion
DSCN0195.jpg (189302 bytes)  DSC_8151.jpg (303894 bytes)
Ellipsidion bicolor, adult body length 15mm, nymph body length 10mm
This Ellipsidion Cockroach has a black pattern on its orange-brown wings. The edges of thorax and wings are clean see-though too. Please check this page for more information. 
Pale Ellipsidion 
Ellipsidion sp., body length 15mm
This cockroach looks like the German Cockroach. It has the distinct eye pattern on its thorax. It is pale brown in colour . Its wings are transparence. We found them easily in the bush on Moreton Island in mid-summer 2000. 

Balta Cockroach I
wpe4.jpg (26059 bytes)  DSCN2236.jpg (355430 bytes)
Balta sp., body length 15mm
Balta Cockroach II
PC9_1876.jpg (233417 bytes)  PC9_2050.jpg (246543 bytes)
Balta sp. body length 12mm 
Balta Cockroach III
DSC_5866.jpg (339185 bytes)  PWC_9177.jpg (284725 bytes)
Balta sp. body length 12mm 

Subfamily Blattellinae 

Orange-brown Bush Cockroach
DSC_0568.jpg (326061 bytes)  DSC_0566.jpg (294473 bytes)
Beybienkoa or Johnrehnia sp., body length 15mm
We found this cockroach once in Yimbin Park next to Bulimba Creek on Nov 2007. 
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Shelford's Cockroach
DSC_2376a.jpg (228717 bytes)
Robshelfordia circumducta, body length 15mm 
Found this cockroach once near Buhot Creek on Daisy Hills on Feb 2011. 
1. Grasshopper Country - the Abundant Orthopteroid Insects of Australia, D Rentz, UNSW Press, 1996, p211.

Black Cockroach
? sp., length 10mm
This small winged cockroach is in dark brown colour found running on the wall outside my house on early summer 2000.

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