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Common Methana - Methana marginalis

Family Blattidae

This page contains pictures and information about the Common Methana Cockroaches that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 25mm
The Common Methana cockroaches are dark brown in colour, with creamy white edges along both sides of body. This is quite a large cockroach.
PWC_7705.jpg (253997 bytes) PWC_7704.jpg (320624 bytes) PWC_8083.jpg (304522 bytes)
The Common Methana cockroach in the above pictures was found under bark of a large gum tree trunk. We sometimes find them in the bush. They run fast on ground and hide among plant materials.
wpeA.jpg (21093 bytes) wpeC.jpg (20307 bytes) wpe17.jpg (45028 bytes)
Large Nymph body length 25mm
The above pictures show a nymph Bark Cockroach. The adults look the same except with fully developed wings. 
DSC_1131.jpg (238381 bytes) DSC_1129.jpg (270891 bytes) DSC_1134.jpg (265609 bytes)
Medium size Nymph body length 20mm
The nymph was found wandering on a dry She-oak tree.
DSC_1138.jpg (323011 bytes)  

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