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Family Blaberidae - Blaberid Cockroaches

This page contains pictures and information about Cockroaches in family Blaberidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Nymph body length 5mm, doing the 'play dead' trick to cheat predators 
Cockroaches in this family has shorter legs. They are from medium to large in size. Most of them are dull brown to dark brown in colours. The antenna are relatively short, usually less than half of body length. Their cerci are very short or absent. Most of them live just under ground covers and slow moving. They do produce ootheca but give birth to live young.


Surinam cockroach
wpeF.jpg (33412 bytes) 
Pycnoscelus surinamensis, body length 25mm
We sometimes find this dark brown cockroach wandering on grass during day time and night time. They are active at night. They are mahogany brown to black without any type of pattern. They are abundant outdoors in tree holes and wood logs. They prefers moist, dark and warm area. This is an introduced species. More information and pictures please click in here.

Subfamily EPILAMPRINAE - Flat Cockroaches

Bark cockroach, Flat Cockroach
DSC_1856.jpg (529710 bytes) DSC_1859.jpg (467792 bytes) wpe7.jpg (53704 bytes)
Laxta tillyardi or L. granicollis, female body length 25mm, nymph 15mm, male 25mm                                                                Photo: Keith Power, Toowoomba
Bark Cockroach does not looks like a cockroach but resemble a Trilobite. They are extremely flattened which is the adaptation of living under loose bark. Adult females are wingless while males are either short-winged or full-winged. Please check this page for more information. 
Mottled Cockroach
DSC_9073.jpg (357375 bytes) DSC_9072.jpg (345028 bytes)
Molytria inquinata, body length 20mm

Subfamily PANESTHIINAE - Wood Cockroaches

Australian Wood Cockroach, Wood-boring Cockroach
wpe17.jpg (44610 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (59391 bytes) DSC_2971.jpg (433052 bytes)
Panesthia cribrata, adult body length 40mm                                                                                  Nymph, body length 5mm
This cockroach has strong dark brown body and short spiny legs. They can be found under fallen rotten logs. They live in and feed on decaying wood that they burrow into. They are easily found in Eucalyptus forests in Brisbane. More pictures and information can be found in this page.

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