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Red Shoulder Lycid Beetle - Trichalus ampliatus (Metriorrhynchus ampliatus)


This page contains information and pictures about Red Shoulder Lycid Beetle that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
This Lycid Beetle is common in Brisbane bushes. This beetle look similar to the other Lycid species, can be identified by both sides of the throax is brick-red colour. 
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The second picture above shows two Lycid beetles get caught on a plant stem. The plant has hook hairs on stem and leave which will attach even on our skin or clothes. Once insects land on them will be trapped.
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We found the above mating Lycid Beetles on a gum leaf in Mt Cotton early summer. Two hours later, they are still mating on the gum leaf, no fear of predators. Lycid beetles are avoided by most predators for their highly toxic and distasteful. 
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Above pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest She-oak trees area during Summer Dec 2007.
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Above pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest Dentata Track during early summer Oct 2007. There were a few of the beetles found on a flowering Tea Tree (Leptospermum sp.).
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1. Beetles of Australia - Trevor J Hawkeswood, Angus & Robertson Publishers, 1987, plate 107 (Metriorrhynchus ampliatus).
2. Beetles - family Lycidae - lifeunseen.com, by Nick Monaghan, 2008. (Metriorrhynchus ampliatus
3. Trichalus ampliatus Waterhouse, 1877 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts. 

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