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Long-nosed Lycid Beetle - Porrostoma rhipidium, (Metriorrhynchus rhipidius)


This page contains information and pictures about Long-nose Lycid Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm
This Lycid Beetle is quite common in Brisbane bushes. We found them from time to time during spring and early summer. They may be found on leaves or feeding on flowers. They beetle is ready to fly any time in a sunny day.
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The beetle has the standard Lycid Beetle colours, i.e., the brick red and black. It can be distinguished from other Lycid by its black thorax.
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Also notice its elongated mouth parts, this is why they are called Long-nose Lycid Beetles. 
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Lycid beetles feed on nectar. The bright orange and black colours are a warning to predators that it is highly toxic and distasteful. Many other insects including flies, wasps and other beetles, mimic its colours. Some of these are also toxic but some are not.  They all gain the same benefit by fraud. This could be the second most popular visual warning signal (Lycid Beetle mimicry rings) in the insects world, next to the yellow and black strips of wasps and bees.
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