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Mottled Predatory Click Beetle - Paracalais sp.

Family Elateridae

This page contains information and pictures about Mottled Predatory Click Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Body length 20mm
How Click Beetle click?
Click Beetles have the prothorax loosely joined to pterothorax. The clicking mechanism consists of a long prosternal process which can be suddenly be snapped into a cavity in the mesosternum (the underside chest of abdomen) thus causing the prothorax to move quickly relative to the hind body. In so doing produces the click sound and flicks the beetle into the air. 
Why Click Beetle click?
DSC_1159.jpg (156371 bytes)
The Click Beetles use this trick to escape and flip-over when they are upside down.
DSC_1141.jpg (188909 bytes) DSC_1152.jpg (149054 bytes) DSC_1154.jpg (169328 bytes)
This genus Paracalais is known to be predatory.  
DSC_1159.jpg (188026 bytes) DSC_1161.jpg (155377 bytes) DSC_1157.jpg (235801 bytes)
We found this beetle once in Carbrook Wetland on Nov 2009. 

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4. Paracalais gibboni (Newman) - Australian insects Common Name, CSIRO. 
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