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This page contains information and pictures about Soldier Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Beetles in this family are from small to medium in size, usually black, brown and yellow in colour. Adults bodies are soft, flat and long. Their antenna are filiform, 11-segmented. The elytra are usually smooth and do not long enough to cover the abdomen tip. They are abundant on flowers and foliage where they feed on nectar, pollen, or other small insects. They are usually active during the day. Sometimes they can be found in huge amount aggregation.
Soldier Beetles are known to produce defensive alkaloids secretions and their body has the warning colours. Most of them have the colour patterns belong to the Lycid mimicry complex. The mimicry is of the Mullerian type. 
Adults can be found feeding nectar on flowers although Soldier Beetles are predatory on soft body insects.
Larvae of most species are carnivorous, a few species feed on plants. They are found in the soil and leaf litter.
There are only three genera in three subfamilies (one each) in the Solder Beetle family.  

Subfamily Chauliognathinae

There is only one Chauliognathus genus in this subfamily.
Plague Soldier Beetle, Green Soldier Beetle
DSC_5256.jpg (109421 bytes)  DSC_5259.jpg (91542 bytes)
Chauliognathus lugubris or Chauliognathus pulchellus, body length 15mm
Sometimes we found the swarms of Plague Soldier Beetle. The aggregations are believed for the purpose of breeding. Most of them in the aggregation are mating. The beetles are yellow in abdomen colour, covered with black wing-covers and black head. More information can be found in this page.
Tricolor Soldier Beetle
DSC_2232.jpg (51382 bytes)  DSC_4589.jpg (117038 bytes)  
Chauliognathus tricolor, body length 15mm
The Tricolor Soldier Beetle has the head and wing-covers in black, thorax in orange and abdomen in yellow colours. This is a very strong warning signal. Soldier Beetles are known to produce defensive toxic secretions when disturbed. Please click on here for more information on this beetle.
Yellow Soldier Beetle
wpe6.jpg (31265 bytes)  wpe1F.jpg (53084 bytes)
Chauliognathus sp., body length 15mm
This Solder Beetle has its abdomen with black and yellow strips, when fly, mimics a wasp. Its forewings cover are brick-red in colour, which mimics a Lycid Beetle. Most predators will avoid this two groups of insects. Please also check this page for more information.
Red-tipped Soldier Beetle
wpe12.jpg (26757 bytes)  wpe14.jpg (45338 bytes)
Chauliognathus sp., body length 10mm, 7mm
This beetle has the typical Soldier Beetle's yellow colour with black stripes. The tip of the wing-covers is red in colour. Abdomen is yellow-black banded likes a wasp. Please check this page for more information.
Golden-brown Soldier Beetle
wpe5.jpg (43683 bytes)
Chauliognathus sp., body length 15mm
This beetle has the relatively long and flat body. It is in gold and brown colour. We saw this solder beetle long time ago (2002) and did not see them again. We will update this page if we found more information. 

Subfamily Dysmorphocerinae and Silinae

Small Brown Soldier Beetle I
wpe11.jpg (38837 bytes) PC9_1764.jpg (317787 bytes)
? Heteromastix or Sphaerarthrum sp., body length 8mm
Quite a number of them  found in the bush in early spring in Brisbane. The beetles are golden-brown in colour and small in size. Here we like to thank Dr. Kaae of Cal Poly Pomona. Dr. Kaae sent us email and advised that this beetle is in this family. Please check this page for more information.
Small Brown Solder Beetle II
wpe1.jpg (27922 bytes) DSCN0661.jpg (268077 bytes) 
? Heteromastix sp., body length 3mm
Photos taken in Karawatha forest during early summer. Please check this page for more information on this beetle,
Small Brown Solder Beetle III
wpeE.jpg (16214 bytes)
? Heteromastix sp., body length 8mm

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