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Tree Lucerne Moth - Uresiphita ornithopteralis 

Family Crambidae  

This page contains pictures and information about Tree Lucerne Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 35mm 
The caterpillar is grass green in colour, with white dots on black patterns. It has spares hairs. Its head is reddish- brown. 
DSC_8990.jpg (112532 bytes) DSC_8991.jpg (119875 bytes)
DSC_8990.jpg (296114 bytes) SCN_0012d.jpg (265539 bytes)
This caterpillar build a tangle web around itself. We found many caterpillars on the same host plant (Hovea sp.).
wpe1.jpg (25444 bytes) SCN_0012a.jpg (289352 bytes) SCN_0012h.jpg (230435 bytes)
Wingspan 30mm 
We took a large caterpillar home, with some host plant leaves as its food. A few days later, the caterpillar pupated on the bottom of the container, under the plants litters. A few weeks later a brown moth came out. 
The moth has the bright yellow hind wings with black border, covered by the forewings. 
We also recorded the caterpillars of this moth attacked by Orange Braconid Wasp

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