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Figs Pyralid Moth
Yellow-brown Pyralid Moth
Yellow-red Pyralid Moth
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Brown-yellow Pyralid Moth
Beet Webworm 
Tree Lucerne Moth 
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Colourful Pyralid Moths - Subfamily Pyraustinae

Family Crambidae

This page contains pictures and information about Pyralid Moths in subfamily Pyraustinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This is a large subfamily. Moths in this subfamily are usually brightly patterned. Forewings and hind wings usually have the same patterns. When rest, their wings are more or less spread out. The body is often slender and with long legs. The caterpillars usually join or fold green leaves as shelters or burrow in fruits, seed and soft stem. 

Figs Pyralid Moth
DSC_5073.jpg (308660 bytes) DSC_5070.jpg (366708 bytes)
Agrioglypta excelsalis, Spilomelini,  body length 10mm
Caterpillars of Figs Pyralid Moth feed on leaves of Sandpaper Figs Ficus stephanocarpa and F. coronata.  They may either fold the leaves or join adjacent leaves with silks for their shelter. please check this page for more information.. 
Yellow-brown Pyralid Moth
PC9_0842.jpg (154200 bytes) PC9_0841.jpg (133909 bytes)  
Agrotera basinotata, Spilomelini, body length 12mm
This is a very colourful moth. There are the yellow and brown patterns on wings. Body is banded with white and yellow and has a brown tip. We found it once in Karawatha forest Apr 2009. It was resting under gum tree leaf. When disturbed, it flied and rested under leaf about 10 meter away. Please check this page for more information.
Yellow-red Pyralid Moth
DSCN9363.jpg (409104 bytes) DSCN9363.JPG (85547 bytes)  
Conogethes haemactalis, Spilomelini, body length 12mm
Pictures were taken on Sep 2005. The moth is yellow in colour with dark red patterns on body and wings. Caterpillars live in flowers, fruits and shoots of different plants. Please visit this page for more information.
Gragaloo Pyralid Moth
moth small pattern2.jpg (20008 bytes)
Glyphodes microta, Spilomelini, wingspan 15mm
The moth is brown with bold white patterns on wings. This moth often came to our house attracted by the window lights. The caterpillars make web and feed on the flower heads of Gragaloo Parsonsia eucalyptophylla. Please check this page for more information.
Sod Webworm, Grass Caterpillar
 SCN_0012c.jpg (282598 bytes) PC9_1383.jpg (168512 bytes) 
Herpetogramma licarsisalis, Spilomelini, body length 10mm 
This small moth is very common in Brisbane home backyards. The moth is pale brown in colour with brown spots in its wings. We easily find them on plants every summer night. They are also commonly found on window glass. We have more information in this page.
Brown-yellow Pyralid Moth
Nacoleia mesochlora or N. amphicedalis, Spilomelini, wingspan 15mm
Picture taken on the wall outside our house, Dec 2000. Caterpillars in genus Nacoleia are leaf-roller. Please check this page for more information. 
Beet Webworm
SCN_0012b.jpg (325851 bytes) P1020838.jpg (201507 bytes)
Spoladea recurvalis, Spilomelini, wingspan 20mm
The moth is brown with two incomplete white stripes on forewings and the complete white stripes across hindwings. We have more information on this page.
Tree Lucerne Moth
wpe1.jpg (41459 bytes) wpe1.jpg (25444 bytes)
Uresiphita ornithopteralis, Pyraustini, caterpillar length 35mm, moth wingspan 30mm 
The caterpillar is grass green in colour, with white dots on black patterns. It has spares hairs. Its head is reddish- brown. The moth has the bright yellow hind wings with black border, covered by the forewings. More information please click on here.

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