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Black House Spider - Badumna insignis 

This page contains pictures and information about Black House Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
Few years ago in Brisbane, Black House Spiders were common in gardens and corners of windows. They were easily found outside our house. However, since about five year ago (2005), They disappeared around our house. We believed it was because the Asian House Geckos, an introduced species, became the dominance predator since then.   
However, the Black House Spiders are still common on tree trunks in bushes. 
DSC_0393.jpg (279646 bytes) DSC_0808.jpg (263941 bytes) DSC_0816.jpg (191493 bytes)
The Spiders are dark brown to black in colour. There are the fine patterns on their abdomen. They built tangled webs with funnel shaped tunnels. In front of the tunnel there is usually the sail-like panel web. Every evening the spiders either repairs the web or extend it. The prey on small insects and spiders that lands on the web were caught and consumed in the retreat.
 The spider looked very similar to the Brown House Spiders especially when they were young. It is not possible to distinguish them from photos. We may have mix them up in this two web pages.    
 wpe8.jpg (48715 bytes)  
In the first photo the spider is living with its young.  The second pictures shows the typical tangle web of Black House Spider built under the furniture in our backyard (photos were taken on 2003). Notice the tunnel entry.

This spider is known to bite and may cause severe effect. The spider attacks Red Back Spider (1st picture) which is also danger to human.

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