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Thraxan Beefly I - Thraxan sp.

Family Bombyliidae

This page contains pictures and information about Thraxan Bee Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female and male, body length 10mm
Abdomen segments 5-7 lateral margins with white hairs. The haltere knob dark brown with apical third cream. Spur-vein at base R2+3 present, meeting r-m cross-vein directly. 
DSCN0220.jpg (256014 bytes) DSCN0219.jpg (244860 bytes) DSCN0216.jpg (156361 bytes)
DSCN0224.jpg (244326 bytes) DSCN0225.jpg (259427 bytes)
Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest during early summer. The fly was resting on plants 0.2-0.3 meter above ground, seems waiting for something. They were also found resting on rock and on forest floor. They are quite common in Brisbane bushlands.
DSC_3029.jpg (190888 bytes) DSC_3031.jpg (233460 bytes) DSC_3567w.jpg (92078 bytes)
Females are sometimes found resting on vertical mud wall. The mud wall seems there place for laying eggs.  
DSC_3568.jpg (211310 bytes) DSC_3565.jpg (184290 bytes) DSC_3568.jpg (211310 bytes)
The above mating pair photos were taken on March 2008 in Mt Coo-tha. Notice that the haltere knob dark brown with apical third cream.
DSCN3278.jpg (144211 bytes)
DSC_1042.jpg (254708 bytes) DSC_1044.jpg (266694 bytes)

1. Cryptic species diversity and character congruence: review of the tribe Anthracini (Diptera : Bombyliidae) in Australia - David K. Yeates and Christine L. Lambkin, 1998.
2. Thraxan Bee Fly -, by Nick Monaghan 

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