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Brown-lobed Spider - Cyclosa insulana


This page contains pictures and information about Three-lobed Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 8mm 
This is a relatively small web build spider. The spider is brown in colour with patterned abdomen.
DSC_0991.jpg (156627 bytes) DSC_0996.jpg (56403 bytes)
We took the above pictures in Karawatha Forest near dry creek bed on Dec 2007.
DSC_0982.jpg (54124 bytes) DSC_0983.jpg (166113 bytes) DSC_3265.jpg (201634 bytes)
This spider builds small vertical orb web.
DSC_0347.jpg (126137 bytes) DSC_0348.jpg (150330 bytes) DSC_0347_2.jpg (125707 bytes)
The spider collected the plant materials that dropped and attached on web. The spider put the debris next to it at the centre of the web.
DSC_3730_2.jpg (147222 bytes) DSC_3730.jpg (177011 bytes)
The spider sometimes makes regulator circle stabilamenta.   
DSC_1805.jpg (166920 bytes)

Thank to Dr Volker W. Framenau for the identification of this spider. As Dr Framenau suggested, there are one or two species look very similar to this one. 

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