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Black Orb Weaver - Araneus rotundulus


This page contains pictures and information about Black Orb Weavers that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 6mm
Pictures were taken on Nov 2007 near Bulimba Creek in Sunnybank. The small spider was hiding on leaf. It is metallic black in colour with grey-silver dots. 
DSC_9900.jpg (136516 bytes)  DSC_9898.jpg (148235 bytes) 
As other Orb Web Weaver, this spider rests in retreat during the day, builds vertical orb web during the night.
DSC_3974.jpg (161495 bytes)  DSC_3976.jpg (171273 bytes)
Also found this spider in Ford Road Research Area on Mar 2010.  

1. Araneus rotundulus - The Find-a-spider Guide for Australian Spiders, University of Southern Queensland, 2009.

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