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Unknown Tussock Caterpillar 4 - ? Orvasca sp.

Family Lymantriidae

This page contains pictures and information about Unknown Tussock Caterpillar 4 that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 25-30mm.
PWC_3222.jpg (114308 bytes) DSC_3210.jpg (182836 bytes) DSC_3211.jpg (125617 bytes)
Jun 2007, our backyard in Eight Mile Plains          Mar 2008, Mt Coot-tha 
DSCN0260.JPG (80162 bytes) DSCN0263.jpg (247905 bytes) DSCN1501.JPG (92393 bytes)
Pictured on October 2007. 

1. Moths of Victoria: part two, Tiger moths and allies Noctuoidea (A) - Peter Marriott, Entomological Society of Victoria, 2009. 


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