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Unknown Tussock Caterpillar 1

Family Lymantriidae

This page contains pictures and information about Unknown Tussock Caterpillar 1 that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 25-30mm.
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The caterpillar was found hiding on the bottom side of a Banksia leaf. It was in Karawatha Forest in mid summer.
DSC_9506.jpg (245441 bytes) DSC_9508.jpg (146249 bytes)
Nov 2007,  Karawatha Forest
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We found this caterpillar in different type of host plants. 
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DSC_5583.jpg (361477 bytes) DSC_5584.jpg (297079 bytes) DSC_1364.jpg (397892 bytes)
With braconid cocoons 



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