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Black Ground Mantid - Bolbe nigra


This page contains pictures and information about Black Ground Mantids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm 
We found this tiny mantid a few times in Karawatha Forest during late summer. It was running on the forest floor. At first we thought it was a brown ant holding something. When we came closer and recognized it was a mantid.
DSC_6666.jpg (126148 bytes) DSC_6668.jpg (207501 bytes)
The tiny mantid was dark brown in colour, with the inner side of the front pair of legs in dark blue colour. It has two pairs of wing buds, could be a nymph of wingless female.
DSC_6671.jpg (102151 bytes) DSC_6675.jpg (104285 bytes) DSC_6677.jpg (93325 bytes)
It was walking on the ground, did not too care about our approaching.  
DSC_6688.jpg (177366 bytes) DSC_8816.jpg (168796 bytes) DSC_8820.jpg (138454 bytes)
Black Ground Mantids are ground-dwelling and active during the day.  
PC9_2213.jpg (202131 bytes) PC9_2212.jpg (194855 bytes)
Wings of female are reduced to very small. This makes it hard to distinguish between nymph and female. Males are fully winged. 
DSC_0238.jpg (111755 bytes)
Male, body length 10mm 

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