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False Garden Mantid - Pseudomantis albofimbriata


This page contains information and pictures about False Garden Mantids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Female, body length 60mm
We sometimes found this False Garden Mantid hunting in our backyard. They are common in gardens in Brisbane. 
There is a dark spot on inner side of each of its front arms. They are slow moving, with large abdomen. The females have their wings relatively small, covered only half of their abdomen, and do not seems able to fly. Males are fully winged but smaller in size. 
 IMGM02.jpg (183072 bytes) IMGMM.jpg (130525 bytes)
Like all others mantids, False Garden Mantids have long thorax and strong spiny forelegs. They have the very mobile triangular shaped head with distinctive ocelli and large compound eyes. Their segmented antenna are medium to long in length.
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We found two colour forms of the False Garden Mantids. They are either green or brown. 
DSC_6688.jpg (267644 bytes) DSC_6689.jpg (250982 bytes) DSC_6691.jpg (242210 bytes)
We found this brown young female adult on Feb 2012 near Simpson Falls in Brisbane. 


Male False Garden Mantids are slender, smaller size and fully winged. Wings are long enough to cover the whole abdomen.
DSC_2452.jpg (71310 bytes) DSC_2453.jpg (72299 bytes) DSC_2455.jpg (74429 bytes)
Male., body length 40mm
We found this male mantid in Karawatha Forest near the Lagoon. It was hunting on a milkweed plant. When we came closer, it flied to a few meter away and hided among dense grasses. 


Praying Mantids development cycle is in-complete metamorphosis.
DSC_9748.jpg (180514 bytes) DSC_9750.jpg (175532 bytes)
Body length 20mm 
wpe20.jpg (22155 bytes) wpe22.jpg (24186 bytes)  
Body length 30mm 
wpe1E.jpg (20815 bytes) wpe1B.jpg (33746 bytes) DSC_3342.jpg (186844 bytes)
Body length 50mm 
wpe7.jpg (23048 bytes) wpeB.jpg (27820 bytes) DSC_3346.jpg (202142 bytes)
The above pictures shows different stages instars. Their wings are still in wing bubs form. Otherwise, they look the same as the adult mantids.


wpe17.jpg (71336 bytes)
False Garden Mantid Ootheca - Mantids eggs case, 20x25mm
The above picture shows a Ootheca looked like a False Garden Mantid Ootheca.  

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