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Stick Insects - Family Diapheromeridae

Members in this family are often winged, elongate, small to medium in size. They have very long antenna. 

Black-striped Stick Insect
wpe1.jpg (26685 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (16792 bytes)
Austrosipyloidea carterus (former Sipyloidea carterus), body length 70mm
This is a very thin stick insect, pale brown-yellow in colour with dark brown thin lines along its body, resemble dry grass. The stick insect was hard to be seen. We saw it only because it was flying pass and landed in front of us among the long thin grasses. Even thought we spent minutes to locate it. Check this page for more picture and information.
Dark-winged Stick Insect
PWC_9082.jpg (144924 bytes)  PWC_9078.jpg (227256 bytes)
Mesaner sarpedon, body length 70mm
This is a very thin stick insect, pale mottled brown in colour with dark brown patterns along its body. We found in stick insect in Ford Road Conservation Area during mid summer Jan 2009. Its antenna is about the same length as its body. Check this page for more information.

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