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Treehopper Mimicking Fly
Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly
Black Lauxaniid Fly
Long-antenna Lauxaniid Fly
Orange Lauxaniid Fly I
Orange Lauxaniid Fly II
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly I 
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly II 
Black Stilt-legged Fly
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Leaf Miner Fly
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Lauxaniid Fly - Family Lauxaniidae

This page contains pictures and information about Lauxaniid Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
The Lauxaniid Flies has two pair of fronto-orbital bristles and vibrissae absent. They are usually small to medium size, with clean or marked wings. They are often orange or at least partly orange in colour. Some of them have strongly marked patterned wings. 
DSC_7737h.jpg (184096 bytes) PWC_3782.jpg (460349 bytes) DSC_9991.jpg (180084 bytes)
They like to rest in shaded forest or under vegetations. We usually found them in moist shady area, such as dense bushland near river and dry creek beds. 
Their larvae are usually found on fallen leaves, rotting plant materials and fungi.
Lauxaniidae is one of the largest families in Acalyptrata flies group. We found quite a number of flies in this family and listed as follow;

Subfamily Homoneurinae

Treehopper Mimicking Fly
DSC_0626.jpg (223439 bytes) DSC_2473.jpg (71214 bytes) DSC_9988h.jpg (202283 bytes)
Cephaloconus tenebrosus, body length 6mm
Those pictures were taken at Macgregor bushland during mid summer. This fly looks like a Treehopper. It is hard to understand what is the advantage of mimicking a Treehopper. We thought of a reason and explained in this page.
Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly
DSC_2504.jpg (89964 bytes) DSC_9417.jpg (674240 bytes) DSC_9416h.jpg (108150 bytes)
Homoneura sp., body length 6mm
This Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly is quite common in Brisbane bushes and backyards. Please check this page for more pictures and information. 

Subfamily Lauxaniinae 

Black Lauxaniid Fly
DSC_2797.jpg (536933 bytes) DSC_9874.jpg (97400 bytes) DSC_9875h.jpg (96527 bytes)
Depressa albicosta, body length 6mm
On mid summer 2007 we found this Black Lauxaniid Fly resting on the board leaves plants a few times in our backyard in Eight Mile Plains, Brisbane. Please check this page for more images and information.
Long-antenna Lauxaniid Fly
PC9_1698.jpg (565357 bytes) PC9_1697h.jpg (156056 bytes)
Rhagadolyra magnicornis, body length 10mm
This  Lauxaniid Fly is easily recognized by its long antenna. As most other  Lauxaniid Flies, it is pale orange in colour with clean wings. There are the pale white strips on thorax and on eyes. Please also check this page for more information.

Genus Sapromyza 

Sapromyza is a very large world-wide genus. Most of the orange colour species are put in this genus. 
Orange Lauxaniid Fly I
wpe6.jpg (36365 bytes) DSC_8422.jpg (74313 bytes) DSC_8422.jpg (111886 bytes)
Sapromyza sp., body length 6mm
Picture was taken in Yimba Park during early summer in evening. The fly was also found in a rainforest near Mt Nebo attracted by dropping on leaf. Please check this page for more information.
Orange Lauxaniid Fly II
PWC_3782.jpg (460349 bytes)
? Sapromyza sp,, body length 6mm
We found this Lauxaniid Fly in Bayside on July 2008. Please check this page for more infromation.
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly I
DSC_0698.jpg (93939 bytes) DSC_0250.jpg (182171 bytes) DSC_7737h.jpg (184096 bytes)
Sapromyza sciomyzina, body length 6mm
This fly is easily found in the dense forest in Yugarapul Park. We recognized this fly by its black head. We have more pictures in this page.
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly II
PC9_1710.jpg (460123 bytes) DSC_7153.jpg (215902 bytes)
Sapromyza occipitalis body length 6mm 
We found this mating pair in Yugarapul Park during early summer on a Banksia tree. This fly looks like the above species except its head is orange in colour. Please click on here to check more detail information.

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