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Green Rutilia Fly I - Rutilia (Chrysorutilia) formosa

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Green Rutilia Fly that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. This fly also known as Bristle Fly. 
Body length 15mm 
The fly's hairy body was bright metallic golden-green in colour, with golden and black patches near the base of the wings. This is the most common Rutilia Fly that we found in Brisbane.
DSCN0836.jpg (263971 bytes) DSCN0840.jpg (264611 bytes) DSCN0844.jpg (243599 bytes)
The fly has the silvery-yellow head with minor metallic green on face. 
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We identified this fly by its convex scutellum, five setae on postalar callus, head with bright yellow ground colour and body colour in metallic golden green. 
DSCN0990.jpg (324012 bytes) DSCN0992.jpg (193545 bytes) DSCN0999a.jpg (528367 bytes)
This fly seems like to to aggregate at hilltop. In mid summer we usually found quite a number of them resting on tree trunks in a small area near the hilltop. In the aggregation sites sometimes we found other Rutilia Fly species as well. 
wpe1.jpg (27727 bytes) wpe3.jpg (35749 bytes) wpeB.jpg (39983 bytes)
In early summer, we saw many of them resting on Iron-bark gum tree trunk in Karawatha Forest Bushtail track. There is a place with many Iron-bark gum trees and openly facing a downhill slope. There could be a place where the males meet the females of this species. 
DSCN2488.JPG (138376 bytes)  
Pictures taken in Yugarapul Park, Karawatha Forest and Alexandra Hill, mid summer. This fly larvae parasites on Scarab Beetle larvae.

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