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Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I  
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Dexiin fly - Tribe Dexiini

Family Tachinidae, Subfamily Dexiinae

This page contains pictures and information about Dexiini Flies in tribe Dexiini, subfamily Dexiinae (or Proseninae in some reference) that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
The Dexiinae mostly are parasitic in larval Coleoptera (beetle) especially Scarabaeidae. Adults are usually found resting on tree trunk. Most of them have long legs, with face elongated under the eyes and often with a well developed facial carina or sharp ridge between the antennae. They are medium in size and usually drab grey to black in colours.
Flies in tribe Dexiini have the following characteristic;
- eyes bare,
- scutellum with three pair of marginal setae,
- epistome not produce in front of vibrissal insertions,
- long and slender body form, 
The Dexiini includes species that parasitise mainly larvae of Scarab Beetles or Long-horned Beetles. Larvae develop in the host and pupate either within its remains or in the surrounding. 

Genus Trichostylum - Black-striped Dexiin Flies

Flies in this genus can be identified by the following characteristic;
- facial carina absent,
- parafacial bare,
- proboscis short and stout,
- coastal spine absent,
- T5 marginal row setae upwards, T6 marginal setae clustered medially, 
Those flies have contrast black striped patterns on thorax which help to identified their ID.  
Black-striped Dexiin Fly I
PWC_7160.jpg (189975 bytes) PWC_7159.jpg (284118 bytes)
Trichostylum parafaciale, body length 10mm
We identified this species by its striped patterns on thorax. Scutellum and all legs are black in colour. Lower calypter is brownish-white. Abdomen in narrow egg shape and is creamy-brown with mid black strip. Please chick on here for more information.
Black-striped Dexiin Fly II
DSC_0793.jpg (195556 bytes) DSC_0794.jpg (308246 bytes)
Trichostylum rufipalpe, female, body length 12mm
We identified this species by its wing veins and striped patterns on thorax. The fly is medium in size with stout body. It has the long plumose arista on antenna. Scutellum and all legs are dark brown to black in colour. Lower calypter is creamy-white. Abdomen in egg shape and is creamy-brown with narrow mid black strip. Please check this page for more information.
DSC_1824.jpg (392775 bytes) DSC_1826.jpg (305953 bytes) DSC_1832.jpg (284255 bytes)
DSC_1834.jpg (464421 bytes) 

Genus Rutilotrixa 

Flies in this genus can be identified by the following characteristic;
- interfrontal area exposed,
- facial carina absent but mid-facial elevation present,
- parafacial haired, 
- proboscis short,
- abdomen T3-5 marginal setal rows and median discal setae present, 
Large Long Legs Dexiin Fly
DSC_5245.jpg (92173 bytes) SCN_0004b.jpg (166647 bytes) 
Rutilotrixa lateralis, body length 15mm
We sometimes see different species of  large Tachinid flies rest on a tree trunk, with head facing downwards, seem waiting for something. Please check this page for the details.

Genus Senostoma  

Flies in this genus can be identified by the following characteristic;
- facial carina present,
- proboscis robust and medium long, same or less than head length,
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly I
DSC_7671.jpg (96476 bytes) DSC_7671.jpg (245349 bytes) 
Senostoma sp., body length 10mm
We found this fly in a few times in Karawatha Forest on Sep to Oct. we have more pictures and information in this page.
DSC_1403.jpg (310173 bytes) DSC_1404.jpg (333661 bytes) DSC_1407.jpg (345980 bytes)

Genus Prosena 

Flies in this genus can be identified by the following characteristic;
- facial carina well developed,
- proboscis elongate and slender, longer than head height,
- arista long plumose,
Long Tongue Dexiin Fly II
wpe1.jpg (36432 bytes) wpe1.jpg (49379 bytes)
Prosena sp., body length 10mm 
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest mid September. The fly was waiting for something on the gum tree trunk. This fly did not care about we came very close to take those photos. Please also visit this page for more details.

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