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Golden Head Rutilia Fly I - Rutilia (Ameniamima) argentifera 

Family Tachinidae

This page contains pictures and information about Golden Head Rutilia Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Female, body length 15mm
This large Golden Head Rutilia Fly is metallic dark blue-green in colour with bright orange-yellow colour head. On the thorax and abdomen there are the shiny white spots patterns. Different individuals may have slightly different patterns.
This fly can be identified from other Golden Head Rutilia Flies by its postorbits (the narrow strips behind eyes) are entirely bright yellow.  
DSCN9239H.jpg (91106 bytes) 
DSCN9236.jpg (354593 bytes)
Golden Head Rutilia Fly is nectar feeder and assist the flower plants for pollination. Adults are usually found resting on the sunny side of tree trunk. Adults feed on flowers, notably Eucalyptus. Females rest on ground when larvipositing.
Most pictures in this page were taken in Alexandra Hill and Karawatha Forest during mid summer. We usually found them in the forests with small creek. They usually rest on tree trunk heading downwards, about a meter from ground. It seemed that they are waiting or looking for something. As other group in subfamily Dexiinae, flies in Rutiliini are parasitic in larval Coleoptera (beetle) especially Scarabaeidae
This Golden Head Rutilia Fly looks similar to those flies in Ameniinae, which is another group of large metallic flies in family Calliphoridae.  

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