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Leafroller Caterpillars 

Family Tortricidae

This page contains pictures and information about Leafroller Caterpillars in Family TORTRICIDAE that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 20mm 
We believe those caterpillars listed in this page are Leafroller Caterpillars in Family TORTRICIDAE, but do not know which species they are.
Leafroller Caterpillar I
wpe17.jpg (28194 bytes) DSCN2655.jpg (340761 bytes) 
? sp., body length 20mm
We took the above pictures on mid-summer. We found many rolled leaf shelters were built on a Malvaceae plant. We open one of the rolled leaf and found a small pale green caterpillar. Its head was black in colour.
Leafroller Caterpillar II
DSCN8714.JPG (80602 bytes) DSCN8718.JPG (72601 bytes) DSC_0315.jpg (153632 bytes) 
Nov 2007, Bulimba Creek near Sunnybank 
Leafroller Caterpillar III
PWC_9911.jpg (131127 bytes) PWC_9912.jpg (160921 bytes)
Found this caterpillar on Jan 2009, Ford Road Research Area. 


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