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Black Slug Cup Moth - Doratifera casta

Family Limacodidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Black Slug Cup Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Caterpillar 25mm
The Black Slug Cup Moth caterpillar is black in colour with white spikes. It has a orange-brown head but cover under its thorax. The caterpillar is legless and moves like a slug. On it thorax position there are four spikes with stinging hairs. 
DSCN1198.jpg (153563 bytes) DSCN1199.jpg (198297 bytes)
This caterpillar feeds on gumtree and wattle leaves. Once we found Black Slug Cup Moth caterpillar on blade grass in Macgregor Bushland during mid summer. Usually a caterpillar leaves its host plant only if it is fully grown and looking for a place to pupate. We brought this caterpillar home to see what would happen.
DSCN1485.jpg (273332 bytes) wpe2A.jpg (34936 bytes)  
Pupa 8 mm diameter 
We put the caterpillar in a glass jar. Two days later, the caterpillar pupated on the side of the glass jar. The pupa was brown in colour. 
DSCN1927.jpg (230474 bytes) wpeF.jpg (39618 bytes) DSCN1921.jpg (285721 bytes)
Moth wingspan 30mm
The above pictures shows the moth came out from the pupa after two weeks.
The moth was shiny brown in colour, with two black dots on each forewing. The moth looks identical to another moth Four-spotted Cup Moth in this family, although their caterpillar look very different. 

The Food Plant

The caterpillar are known to feed on Gum leaf and wattle leaf. We found that it also feed on Red Ash. 
Red Ash, Soap Tree, Soapy Ash
wpe4.jpg (37532 bytes) 
Alphitonia excelsa 

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