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Yellow Tangle-vein Flies - Trichophthalma sp.

Family Nemestrinidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow Tangle-vein Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
Body length 15mm
The fly is golden yellowish-brown in colour, with large pointy abdomen. Its body is covered with short hairs. Its large pair of dark red compound eyes covered most of its head. It has the long mouth parts. Its pair of wings is tinted in brown.   
PWC_8102.jpg (75509 bytes) PWC_8098.jpg (101874 bytes) PWC_8101.jpg (106038 bytes)
At first sight in the field we thought this was a Beefly. Went back home and looked at the photos, from its complex wing veins, we recognized it was a Tangle-vein Fly.   
PWC_8107.jpg (107813 bytes) PWC_8113.jpg (115984 bytes) PWC_8099.jpg (60216 bytes)
We found this fly once in Daisy Hill near Buhot Creek during mid summer Dec 2008. 
PWC_8113w.jpg (171330 bytes) PWC_8113h.jpg (175252 bytes)
This Tangle-vein Fly has seven nearly parallel branches of veins reaching the anterior margin of the wing, 1 subcostal, 4 radials, and 2 medians. Veins rl and r5 are bifurcated. The fly has the long proboscis same length as its head. The dark red eyes are covered with dense and long hairs. Those confirmed the fly is Trichophthalma sp..
On wing the veinlet m3+4 present which makes the continuation of diagonal vein.
PWC_8116.jpg (60129 bytes) PWC_8117.jpg (63245 bytes)  
This fly did not mind we came very close. It were hovering most of the time above short plants. Sometimes even hovering still in the air for s few seconds. Its landed on plants for one or two seconds then hovering again.
DSC_1736.jpg (248914 bytes)
On Feb 2013 in Karawatha Forest, we found one Yellow Tangle-vein Fly was captured by a Fiery Skimmer Dragonfly

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