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Australian Common March Fly - Tabanus australicus

Family Tabanidae

This page contains pictures and information about Australian Common March Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 15mm
March Flies are sometimes known as Green Heads. The above pictures explained why they are called. Their head is occupied by the two large green eyes. 
wpe17.jpg (21141 bytes) DSCN0819.jpg (141018 bytes) DSCN0821a.jpg (162112 bytes)
Notice their mouth which is the strong straight proboscis for piercing and sucking.
DSCN0821h.jpg (136953 bytes) DSCN0821.jpg (152151 bytes) DSC_0403.jpg (260554 bytes)
When bush-walking, we sometimes found March Fly landed on our body. Most species of March fly females feed on blood before laying eggs. Those fly might not do any good to us. We always drove them away as soon as possible.
PWC_8381.jpg (189010 bytes) PWC_8380w.jpg (194122 bytes) PWC_8380h.jpg (132336 bytes)
This is a large size brown March Fly with a median pale vitta of fused triangles on segments of dark brown abdomen. Thorax is grey in colour without distinctive pattern. All legs are with femora in dark brown, tibiae paler brown and tarsi in black.  
DSC_1222.jpg (108227 bytes) DSC_1218.jpg (127054 bytes) DSC_2082.jpg (229792 bytes)
Wings are light brownish grey in colour without obvious darkening. Stigma and veins are brown. 
DSC_1218h.jpg (112131 bytes) DSC_1219.jpg (202255 bytes) DSC_1222.jpg (235196 bytes)
The eyes are green colour with brown reflections. On face callus is brown in pyriform. Antenna base is orange brown with flagellum deep brown to black.
DSC_0505.jpg (253054 bytes) DSC_0506.jpg (258717 bytes) DSC_0505w.jpg (170549 bytes)
Male similar to female with reddish-brown eyes.  

1. Revision of the horse fly genera Lissimas and Cydistomyia (Diptera: Tabanidae: Diachlorini) of Australia - Mackerras, I.M., Spratt, D.M. & Yeates, D.K. 2008, Zootaxa 1886: 1-80.

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