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Black-headed Sugar Ant - Camponotus nigriceps

Subfamily Formicinae

This page contains pictures and information about Black-headed Sugar Ants that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm
Camponotus species commonly called sugar ants. Sugar ants are stingless, although unable to sting, do possess strong mandibles which can bite. In self-defense these ants are also able to spray acid from their abdomens to deter predators.
wpe1E.jpg (20957 bytes) wpe17.jpg (41371 bytes)
Worker ant, body length 10mm 
Unlike some other ant species, sugar ants have a smooth body. Their body lack spines or teeth on the surface. 
DSCN1188.jpg (176248 bytes) DSCN1191.JPG (120094 bytes)
For this species, we saw they have at least two body size; the worker ants are 10mm length and the solder ants are 15mm length. The solder ants also have wider head with more powerful jaws.
SugarA1.jpg (46677 bytes) DSC_5181.jpg (212891 bytes) DSC_5180.jpg (206519 bytes)
Solder body length 15mm
DSC_5175.jpg (237138 bytes) DSC_5176.jpg (186988 bytes) DSC_5177.jpg (197787 bytes)

Their Nest 

wpe20.jpg (65870 bytes) wpe26.jpg (49810 bytes) DSCN2255.jpg (239071 bytes)
The Sugar Ants build their nest on ground in soil, sometimes covered with rock. 
wpe12.jpg (68691 bytes) wpe14.jpg (71874 bytes) DSCN9877.jpg (232002 bytes)
From those inside-nest pictures we noticed one more worker class which is destined from the foraging worker. They are the ants  with larger abdomen and carrying pupa. We think they are the workers work inside the nest. The foraging workers have smaller abdomen and store less food in their body. This minimizes the loss to the ants society in case the foraging ants cannot come back home due to any reason.
wpe18.jpg (69779 bytes) wpe16.jpg (60259 bytes) DSCN9878.jpg (267565 bytes)

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Fire Ants - We are suffering the Fire Ants problem. 
The Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, is a serious new pest which has been detected in Brisbane, Queensland. 
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