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Green Long-legged Flies - Subfamily Sciapodinae

Family Dolichopodidae

This page contains pictures and information about Green Long-legged Flies in Subfamily Sciapodinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Dolichopodid Flies.
Long-legged Flies in subfamily Sciapodinae can be recognized by the wing veins, the excavated vertex on head and the special metallic green body colour. Male Long-legged Fly has the 360 twisting of the postabdomen.  
PWC_5972w.jpg (95848 bytes) DSC_9149.jpg (167480 bytes)
Reduced wing venation                                         360 twisting of the male postabdomen.               
They are predator. Adult Dolichopodid Flies' mouthparts are modified for predation, but not elongated. They feed on smaller soft body insects such as aphids. We usually found those Dolichopodid Flies resting on large leaves. They can also be found on tree trunks, mud flats and river rocks. 
Larvae are maggot-like. They are usually found in moist soil and under tree bark. They are either scavengers or predators of other insects larvae.
Followings are those Long-legged Flies that we found in subfamily Sciapodinae. They are generally recognized by the branched vein M1+2 and excavated vertex, is the largest Long-legged Fly subfamily in Australia

M2X Green Long Legged Fly
PWC_8350.jpg (161206 bytes) PWC_8355.jpg (158740 bytes) PWC_8350w.jpg (98049 bytes)
Mesorhaga yarratt, body length 4mm  
This is a small Green Long-legged Flies. We recognized this fly by its wing vein M2 absent, without fold or indication on membrane. Please check this page for more information. 
Band-freed Green Long Legged Fly
DSC_1186.jpg (207645 bytes) DSC_1186h.jpg (125152 bytes) DSC_1186w.jpg (149384 bytes)
Parentia vulgaris, body length 5mm
This is a medium size Long-legged Fly. It is metallic green in body colour with bronze reflections on abdomen. There is no dark bands on abdomen which distinguished them from other Long-legged Fly species. Legs are dark brown to black in colour. Please check this page for more information. 
Large Green Long Legged Fly
DSC_3748.jpg (280073 bytes) PWC_3184.jpg (187136 bytes) DSC_9095w.jpg (125898 bytes)
Chrysosoma leucopogon, body length 6mm
This is the largest Long-legged Fly we found in Brisbane. This fly is commonly seen in our back yard. Its body is metallic green and its wings are transparent clear. They usually rest on board leaves looking for small soft-bodied insects. They are common in Brisbane. Click here for more information.
Blue-greened Long Legged Fly
DSCN0513.jpg (118176 bytes) DSC_9068.jpg (205807 bytes) DSC_9068w.jpg (165559 bytes) 
Austrosciapus proximus, body length 5mm
This medium size Long-legged Fly is metallic blue-green in colour. Head and body is dusted with dense silvery pruinose. Please check this page for more information. 
White-waisted Green Long Legged Fly
DSC_2593.jpg (170217 bytes) PWC_8410.jpg (163011 bytes) DSC_6020w.jpg (156152 bytes)
Austrosciapus zentae, body length 5mm
his is a medium size Long-legged Fly with golden-yellow-green body colour. The first abdomen segment is whitish-green. There are two board bands on wings. Please check this page for more information. 
Green Long Legged Fly
DSC_9436.jpg (193185 bytes) DSC_9098w.jpg (125807 bytes)
Austrosciapus connexus, body length 5mm
This fly is  metallic green and its wings are transparent with black pattern. They are common in Brisbane. Please click here for more information.
Black Long Legged Fly
PWC_5972.jpg (192092 bytes) PWC_5972h.jpg (94106 bytes) PWC_5972w.jpg (95848 bytes)
Amblypsilopus sp., body length 5mm
Please check this page for more information. 

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