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Large Green Long Legged Fly - Chrysosoma leucopogon

Family Dolichopodidae

This page contains pictures and information about Large Green Long Legged Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 6mm, female 
The Common Green Long Legged Fly is relatively large among other Long-legged Flies. It has relatively shout body and bristly legs, This is the largest Long-legged Fly we found in Brisbane. 
DSC_0284.jpg (177494 bytes) DSC_0284f.jpg (126183 bytes) DSC_0284m.jpg (144143 bytes)
This fly is commonly seen in our back yard and bushes in Brisbane. Its body is metallic green with bronze reflection. Its wings are transparent clear. 
 wpe19.jpg (32193 bytes)
Abdomen is slender in males. 
DSC_9149.jpg (167480 bytes) DSC_3747.jpg (248385 bytes) DSC_3748.jpg (280073 bytes)  
360 twisting of the male postabdomen.  
DSC_9151w.jpg (170289 bytes) DSC_4693.jpg (175680 bytes) DSC_4695.jpg (197377 bytes) 
This Long-legged Fly are common in Brisbane.
DSCN0046.jpg (107557 bytes) DSCN4558.jpg (239892 bytes) DSCN4549.jpg (216601 bytes)
They usually rest on board leaves looking for small soft-bodied insects. They fly away when disturbed, but will come back at the same spot a few seconds later.  
DSC_9095.jpg (149945 bytes) DSC_9095h.jpg (134785 bytes) DSC_9095w.jpg (125898 bytes)
The Long-legged Fly has the wing vein M branched to M1 and M2, M1 with gentle arc to apex. Vein  m-cu is slightly sinuous. Haltere is yellow in colour.
PWC_3194.jpg (168388 bytes) PWC_3194h.jpg (115829 bytes) PWC_3194w.jpg (128318 bytes)
PWC_3184.jpg (187136 bytes)
DSC_9169.jpg (184903 bytes) DSC_9221.jpg (171728 bytes) PC9_0719.jpg (120446 bytes)
Some individuals have bronze stripes on thorax.  

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